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We have structured this guide to let you know about popular software houses in Pakistan and what is the role of software houses in developing the country’s economy.

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10 Best Software Houses in Pakistan

Nowadays, the IT industry is booming very rapidly. Currently, there are more than 10,000 software houses in Pakistan and above 20,000 IT engineers graduate annually and about 70% of IT exports have increased over the last 3-4 years.

Let’s discuss what kind of culture these software houses follow that has made them leading software houses. So here is the list of the top 10 software houses in Pakistan:

Systems Limited is one of the best software houses in Pakistan. It is known for providing outsourcing services, business solutions, and software solutions.

Along with providing IT solutions in Pakistan, they are also working with different countries, which include the United States of America (U.S.A.), middle east countries.

Founder: Mr Aezaz Hussain

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mr Asif Peer

10pearls strongly believes in gender diversity and this is the strongest point that has made them the top software house in Pakistan. It is an award-winning software house in Pakistan.

Moreover, they got listed as the fastest-growing company in Inc.5000 in America. In light of their rapid growth, 10 Pearls will be included in this listing day by day and have expanded their business in Columbia, USA, Canada, and UAE.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mr Imran Aftab

Arpatech provides support to local startups. That’s why they are on top of the software houses in Pakistan. They have been working in this field for over 17 years and provide a variety of cloud hosting, digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.

Founder: Mr Jamal Khan

It is VentureDive’s primary mission to build applications that are both user-friendly and socially responsible. They share the culture of fun learning that’s why they are on the top.

Also, they not only worked with international clients but also in a pandemic situation, they worked with digital Pakistan for the COVID-19 telehealth portal.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mr Atif Azim

The solutions that Folio3 provides are innovative and creative. They believe in innovations rather than in reinventing which makes them the leading software houses in Pakistan. Along with that, they have partnerships with enterprises and startups.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Mr Adnan Lawai

The company NetSol Technologies is headquartered in Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, they are providing services like data management, software project management, and providing high-quality software applications.

Also, this company is the first one to list on NASDAQ in 1999 and also holds the title of 1st CMMI LVL 5 certified company. This ‌makes them the top software house in the IT industry of Pakistan.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O): Najeeb Ullah Ghauri

It is also worth noting that Techlogix is another Lahore-based company that is considered one of the most reputable software houses in Pakistan. If you are looking for a fresh start, then Techlogix is the best option for you, as they have a friendly learning environment.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O): Salman Akhtar

Mindstorm Studios has great experience in game development. They have been operational for 15 years and have partnered with top publishers of gaming and their aim is to make Pakistan a mobile gaming powerhouse.

Also, they have developed many games for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones. Here are some ‌games they have developed so far Cricket Revolution, Tetra Defence, Carnival, Lord of crime and many more.

We believe this company is the best fit for you if you are interested in pursuing your career in game development.

Director: Yaser Awan

Avanza Solutions has about 500 employees with the speciality of providing software solutions mainly in ‌banking and also working on the latest technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Their core specialties include:

  • Payment Processing
  • Self-service Banking, Card Management
  • Customer Relationship, Monitoring & Control
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Customized Development
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence

If you are looking for new learning or if you want your solutions to be built on the latest technologies, then this is the best fit for you.

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O): Mahmood Kapurwala

The Resource Group (TRG) has been operational since 2002. Initially, it was only operational in Pakistan but presently they are serviceable in the UK, US, and Brazil.

In addition, for over a decade, TRG had an exceptionally positive record in generating profits on each investment.

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O): Hasnain Aslam

Role of Software Houses in Pakistan’s Economy

Software houses are playing a vital role in the economy of Pakistan, and have improved Pakistani exports by selling high-quality software applications. The Pakistani IT industry is growing day by day and providing IT solutions across the globe.

Not only this but also software houses in Pakistan are working with popular companies of the world like Amazon, Honda, Jaguar, Sony, and many others.

Along with the economic effect of software houses, if we discuss the overall impact of software houses, they give a platform to software engineers to polish their engineering skills and work on their soft skills. Because if an engineer has talent but no soft skills, then they cannot compete with the world.

Final Thoughts

Recently in a pandemic situation in which the entire world was badly affected, IT was the only resource for humans to rely on, like 90% of organizations shifted their work online. Therefore, the current period is the era of information technology.

Around the globe, people today rely on technology to solve their problems. Software Houses in Pakistan are progressing great in the IT industry. Every company is exploring new technologies and inventing new ways of working.

Most software houses share a friendly learning environment and this is the main reason software engineering is increasing day by day in Pakistan.

So, we structured this guide for you to get an idea of the top 10 software houses in Pakistan. Most software houses have their own cultures and values, which they follow religiously. So if you are thinking of joining or getting tech solutions then this guide is especially for you.