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5 Websites to Make Online Money in Pakistan

It requires so much effort, hard work, and skills to make money online as a freelancer in Pakistan. Though you don’t have any regular timetable to reach work, still you might have to follow some strict deadlines or spent some sleepless nights to complete the job.

Freelancing is the fastest growing profession nowadays. Many people who were previously earning $10 are now earning $100 only because of freelancing that too by staying at their homes, in their comfort zone.

Here is a list of 5 online websites where you can register yourself as a freelancer and make some extra dollars.

Upwork is the renowned and most popular website among current freelancers. This is a perfect marketplace for the independent freelancer to earn some extra money. Many individuals and business persons have registered themselves on this platform and making extra money regularly.

How Does it Work?

Upwork consists of 1.5 million freelance subscribers and is the best freelancing platform for beginners. You only have to register yourself based on your skills and qualifications. Once you are registered, you can start sending cover letters to the clients.

Moreover, there are hourly jobs and fixed-rate jobs to choose from. You can select the job you are interested in and send the client a letter describing your skills. If the client likes you and your profile, you will surely be selected.

Another most popular freelancing website is Fiverr. This website provides job opportunities for niches and professions. You have to make an attractive profile and presentable gigs to impress the client with your skills.

It is a helpful platform for graphic designers, management, content writers, photographers, and a lot more. However, the minimum amount you can earn from it is $5. You are not allowed to set a gig price of less than $5.

How Does it Work?

The working process of Fiverr is a great place to market your skills. There are various options to create attractive gigs and impressive profiles. Type an appealing message for the clients and they will contact you.

Alternatively, you can also send offers to the requests. The clients post the demands of their project and if they like your idea, you will be selected for the job.

As per the competitive freelancing websites, Guru has offered a significant platform for freelancers to showcase their skills and capabilities. There are many categories available for freelancers to choose the best one for themselves.

Guru provides a secure platform for beginners as it keeps strict surveillance on both freelancer and client to ensure there is no chance of scam or there’s no fake id. It has made this platform a better place.

How Does it Work?

At Guru, a freelancer has to make a powerful dashboard with the correct information about the qualifications, skills, and capabilities. This dashboard is a portfolio that will be shown to the clients and responsible for whether a freelancer gets a job or not.

Moreover, the platforms also provide an opportunity to communicate with the client and discuss details before placing an order. Also, it promotes a long-term relationship with the employer for increased productivity.

Another platform that has created an opportunity for freelancers to work from home is 99Designs. The main motive of this website is to provide an opportunity for the designers to get connected with the organization or clients.

It has been a very popular website among the designers as it has limited the freelancers and clients as well. There’s no extra crowd on the website with flexible opportunities for the designers.

How Does it Work?

99Designs is a helpful platform for freelancer designers by offering plenty of resources. Many beginner designers and buyers prefer registering at 99Desings as it also offers toolkits, tutorials, tricks, and tips to enhance the skills and polish the techniques.

Many buyers log in to this website for the professional making of logos, posters, banners, and so on. It is easy to start a freelancing career at 99Designs. Just register yourself and get started.

For people who are looking for opportunities of working from home, PeoplePerHour is their platform. It is the best site which provides the job according to the qualification that too at the right price.

Moreover, website management ensures that a freelancer should get paid for the job. It is secure and suitable for beginners. It has created a strong relationship with many freelancers and buyers.

How Does it Work?

At PPH, several payment plans are offered to build a long-term relationship between the client and the freelancer. For instance, there is a one-time package, monthly payment plan, and customized payment methods. The platform is known as one of the greatest online money earning websites in 2022.

Advantages of Freelancing

As the inflation rate around the globe is increasing, many people prefer to do freelancing as a part-time job to make money online in Pakistan. It is because there are many advantages associated with working as a freelancer. Some of them are discussed as follows:

  • Use Your Clients

The major benefit of working as a freelancer is you have the freedom to choose your clients. If you don’t like the client’s offer or the client’s professionalism, just get another client.

  • Be Your Boss

Subsequently, freelancing brings an opportunity for an individual to decide the working hours. For example, there are no timings for waking up and sleeping. If you have free time, you can go wherever you want.

  • Manage Workload

With freelancing, you get the opportunity to handle the workload. If you think you have enough jobs, don’t apply for more jobs or prohibit more clients from contacting you.

  • Gaining Confidence

Doing freelancing means you get the chance to interact with people from any part of the world. Almost all the freelancing platforms are globally recognized and many clients switch to them to seek instant assistance.

  • Flexible Working Hours

Another advantage of working as a freelancer is you can decide your working hours. If you are not willing to work from 9 to 5  on weekends, don’t do it. Or, if you like to take an off for a vacation, you don’t have to take permission from anyone.

Final Thoughts

Lately, freelancing has been a great source to make money online in Pakistan. They are not only limited to Pakistan, many people from different parts of the world prefer working as a freelancer due to its numerous benefits.

If you are willing to make your every moment productive, register yourself to any freelancing website that suits you and make your bank account work instantly. The more hard work you put in, the more dollars will come to you.