Bilal Shah, the husband of Hareem Shah, a popular TikToker, expressed his disappointment and anger at the leaking of his wife’s private videos on social media. Despite the advice of others to leave his wife during this challenging time, Bilal pledged to stand by her side.

In a recent video, the couple claimed that their videos were leaked by Hareem’s friends, Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, due to differences that arose between them. Hareem revealed that her friends had leaked the videos with the intent of defaming her character.

Bilal expressed his frustration and disappointment in his wife’s friends, who were once trusted guests in their home and had shared rooms with Hareem. He never expected them to betray their friend in such a manner, especially considering that they were women themselves. Their actions have violated and smeared the character of a woman, he added.

According to a report by Geo News, Bilal plans to take legal action against Hareem’s friends upon their return to Pakistan. He believes that leaving his wife in her hour of need would be unjust, and he intends to stand by her and support her through this difficult time.

Hareem expressed regret for trusting her friends and allowing them access to everything in her home. She confirmed that the leaked videos were genuine and that her friends had threatened to leak them earlier.

The couple’s decision to publicly address the issue and stand together has earned them praise from their fans. However, some people have criticized Bilal for supporting his wife despite the controversy, but he believes that a real man stands by his wife in times of need and supports her, while those who abandon their wives are not real men.