Your visitors are the lifeblood of your blog. Without them, you have no one to engage with, no one to share your knowledge with, and no one to inspire yourself with – and that means that your blog will fail in its purpose of helping others. Your blog may not be very well organized, or you may not have the time to devote to it. That means getting traffic to your blog can be difficult.

Traffic Increasing Tips for Your Blog

It’s lucky for you that there are 9 ridiculously easy ways for you to bring traffic to your blog! If you’re struggling with how to start blogging or drive more traffic to your site, this article will help!

Quality Content is delicious:

In order to gain traffic almost all expert bloggers always recommend to write quality articles. They prefer quality over quantity. It’s a fact that your visitors will return to your website if you are writing good quality content. Always write unique content.

Many newbie bloggers in the beginning uses article spinning tactics. Now a days, search engine like Google has become very sharp and active. If you tried to do such thing you can face penalty from Google and as a result your remaining traffic will be lost.

Allow sharing of your posts:

This is one of the most important step to get traffic to your blog. Suppose you have written a good quality article and your readers wanted to share it. But due to the unavailability of social sharing plugins most of your readers will not share your post. It’s important to add most used social networks sharing options to your blog/website.

Accept Guest Writers:

Build friendly relationship with guest writers. Ask them for a guest post on your blog or create a Guest Post page on your website. This will encourage many bloggers to write posts for your blog and get some links as a reward. These guest bloggers will surely share their guest post among their social communities which means you will get new readers for your blog. The more new guest bloggers you will accept the more new readers you will get.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is one of the time consuming task that one should learn before starting a new blog. It’s important to make your published post SEO friendly so you can get traffic from leading search engine like Google. It will take extra time to optimize your post for SEO but as a result you can will see a huge increase in your daily page views.

Read before publishing:

In order to attract your visitors, use of good English words in important. Check your article for errors in spelling and grammar before publishing. If you used wrong grammar and spellings many of your visitors will not understand what you are trying to say and they will close your blog within seconds.

Link Building:

Link building can increase you SEO. Therefore, it’s important to build links with high PR blogs. Guest posting is the best way to build links for your website or blog. Write original content and send them to blogs having high social media engagement. By building links to your website, you will be able to increase both your traffic and your search engine rank.

Email Marketing:

Through email marketing, you can increase traffic to your blog most effectively. Allow your readers to get your newsletter direct in their inbox. Remember not to spam their inbox by sending lots of emails. Many Probloggers are sending 1-3 email to their subscribers during whole month. This will not annoy the subscribers and they will love to get more emails from your side.

Make Guest Posting a habit:

As we discussed earlier about link building and getting guest authors to your blog. Guest posting on other blogs is also important to you. This will help your blog to get high quality backlinks from different blogs and visitors of that blog will love to visit your blog to read more content of yours.

Use Social Media Networks:

Now a days, social media has become a fast communication medium. People can share news, views or anything else with their selected community or with public around the globe by simply pressing the Enter key. Many bloggers are using social networks to generate tons of traffic on blog. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn falls in the category of most used social networks. Correct use of these social networks will bring thousands of visitors to your site.