Abdul Rehman Malik was one of Pakistan’s most active and renowned politicians. He was born on 12 December 1951 and served the country as an Interior Minister from March 2008 till March 2013.

Early Life

Before making his entry in politics, Rehman Malik started a successful career in FIA (Federal Administration Agency) and became its director from 1993 to 1996. He contributed to various anti-terrorists operations to maintain the peaceful environment of the country.

From 2004 to 2007, he was appointed as the chief security officer of Benazir Bhutto and was responsible for her security everywhere. Also, he became one of the strongest members of Pakistan’s People’s Party. 

After successfully contributing to his service and winning the General Elections, he was appointed as the Interior Minister by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani in 2008. Later, in 2013, he lost all of his authority when the Supreme Court of Pakistan decided against him in a dual nationality case, due to which he had to resign from his senate seat as well in the same year.

Educational Background

Rehman Malik completed his Graduation and Masters in Statistics from Karachi University in 1973. He was also awarded the honorary Ph.D. degree for his contribution to Pakistani politics and his reforms for maintaining peace again in the city of Karachi.

However, his Ph.D. degree was questioned by several professors and media persons as they thought he wasn’t capable of awarding a Ph.D. degree. Later, the teachers and professors started a campaign against the Vice-Chancellor and Governor of Sindh to revoke the degree.

However, several platforms also state that the Ph.D. degree was awarded to him as a reconciliation from MQM to make a better relationship with them. However, it is a debate, and none of the sources have confirmed it yet.

Reforms as FIA Officer

Abdul Rehman Malik joined the FIA in 1980 and started investigating various cases related to KHADs (a community handling terrorist activities in the country). Subsequently, he was appointed as the Director-General of FIA in 1993 due to his efforts and hard work. Benazir Bhutto especially approved of his Director-General post.

As FIA’s Director, he started a secret mission against Islamic extremists in Pakistan, resulting in a direct attack on the ISI agency. He also contacted the secret Israeli military service, the Massad, to negotiate with the extremist. His reforms also triggered the Taliban Conservative Community due to the allowance of Ramzi Yosuf to the US because of the World Trade Bombing in 1993.

Exile to The United Kingdom

By the end of 1996, the then president of Pakistan decided to end his party’s government. He dismissed Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, arrested the Director-General of FIA, and arrested Rehman Malik due to several corruption charges.

With the appointment of the new President of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, Rehman Malik was terminated from his designation and the application of ‘act of retaliation.’ Later, Malik flew to London while disclosing the large-scale corruption charges against the Sharif family.

He then settled in the UK and set up his security firm under Digital Network. He also established his business headquarters in Manchester. He also served Benazir Bhutto during his exile period and was again appointed Chief Security Officer when she came back in 2007.

During the exile period of nine years, Malik was rewarded with British citizenship. According to his statements, he gave up his citizenship in 2008 before being appointed as the prime minister’s advisor.

As an Active PPP Member

During the years of exile in England, Malik was a very active participant in the central elite committee of PPP in London. He replaced Amin Fahim and was appointed as a Chief Security Guard of Benzair Bhutto as he was more loyal and trusted.

The major reason behind the popularity of Rehman Malik is that he broke the ‘political deal’ between Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto, which later helped Benazir return to the homeland. It was also stated on a few news platforms that Malik has the most important and top role in the decisions of Banzir Bhutto in important matters.

As an Interior Minister

When PPP formed the government in 2008, Rehman Malik was designated as the Adviser on Interior, Narcotics, and Intelligence Control by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani. However, the cabinet upgraded his designation to the Interior Minister later on 27 April 2009.

Rehman Malik remained the Interior Minister during the critical times in the country. He was highly criticized for the increased rate of target killings and security threats in the aftermath of the Afghanistan war. He also offered pardon to Hakimullah Mehsood, the Taliban’s leader, if he abandoned himself to the forces.

Suspension from Supreme Court

According to the law of Pakistan, no government employee is allowed to have dual nationality. The supreme court of Pakistan holds the authority to disqualify that member’s seat from the national assembly immediately.

Rehman Malik was also accused of having dual nationalities and faced hearings in court. Chief Minister Iftikhar Choudary categorically suspended his electoral membership when he was reluctant to show the certificate of surrendering the British nationality of the United Kingdom.

However, Rehman Malik showed the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 5 October 2012 that he gave up his British nationality on 25 March 2008.

Resignation from the Assembly

After the supreme court’s verdict, Malik submitted his resignation to the assembly on 10 July 2012. However, he continued to work under the instruction of President General Pervez Musharraf.

Later, on 4 June, the Supreme Court suspended him as he failed to justify himself as only a Pakistani National, resulting in the loss of the Interior Minister position. According to article 63-A, each cabinet member should be a member of parliament. Therefore, he resigned from the Senate on 10 July 2012.

Parting Thoughts

With his reforms and serving in Pakistan, he died on 23 February 2022 after extracting CoronaVirus. He was kept on the ventilator but unfortunately couldn’t survive. However, his efforts will always be remembered by the people of Pakistan.