Former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan currently enjoys a high level of popularity as both a politician and an athlete. His life is filled with struggles and achievements. He was born in the Pushtoon family in Lahore. Imran khan date of birth is October 5th, 1952, and was named Imran Khan Niazi.

Imran Khan age was 69 years when he was the renowned player of the Pakistani Cricket team and made them champions in the 1992 world cup. However, after retirement from his 20 years career, he restarted his career as a politician and is currently serving as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Family Background

Imran Khan family belongs to a Pushtoon tribe and therefore spent most of his childhood in the Mianwali-a northwestern area of Punjab. His father name is Ikramullah Khan Niazi and mother’s name is Shaukat Khanum. He is the only brother of his 4 sisters. Imran Khan sisters’ names are Aleema Khanum, Rubina Khanum, Uzma Khanum, and Rani Khanum.

Additionally, Imran Khan married Jemima Goldsmith, a member of the influential Goldschmidt family of England, in 1995.  He has two sons from the marriage, Sulaiman Isa Khan, born in 1996, and Kasim Khan, born in 1999. Imran Khan sons live with their mother. However, their marriage ended in 2004.

Moreover, there was a claim from Sita White that Imran Khan children are not only Suleiman and Kasim but also there is a daughter named Tyrian Jade White for which Sita White made a lawful move against Imran Khan and the court decided that Tyrian Jade White is his daughter, but Imran Khan denies these claims. So, there is no Imran Khan daughter.

Later, Imran Khan got married to English Pakistani journalist Reham Khan. This marriage lasted for a few months, and they parted ways. Later in 2018, Imran Khan married Bushra Maneka, who is a present Imran Khan wife. Previously, she was a spiritual mentor of Khan. Currently, Imran Khan house is located in Bani Gala Islamabad.

Education and Training

Imran Khan education is from noble schools in Pakistan and the United Kingdom. He went to Royal Grammar School in Worcester and Aitchison College in Lahore. During his academic career, he started playing cricket in Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

Moreover, he studied economics, politics, and philosophy at the University of Oxford. While playing his first match for Pakistan’s national team in 1971. However, he did not want to damage his studies due to cricket therefore, he did not pursue a permanent place in cricket till graduation in 1976.

Imran Khan As a Cricketer

In the world of cricket, Imran Khan has a very successful career. He is the only captain in the history of the Pakistan Cricket Team who has led them to win the World Cup in the year 1992.

Furthermore, Imran Khan made his debut in June 1971 at Edgbaston against England. Soon after joining the Pakistani team permanently, he proved himself as an exceptional all-rounder, especially as an exceptional bowler.

Moreover, Imran Khan’s height is 6 feet 2 inches which played a vital role in making him a successful bowler as height plays an important role in bowling with the right angle and pace.

Imran Khan played both as a right-handed batter and a right-arm fast bowler. In total, he played 88 test matches. As a batsman, he played 126 innings and scored total runs of 3807 with an average of 37.69, with the highest score in an inning of 136 runs, with 18 fifties and 6 centuries. In test cricket, he took 362 wickets through which he was the fourth in the world and the first Pakistani cricketer to do so.

Imran Khan As a Philanthropist

When Imran Khan’s mother died, he realized that there was not a single cancer hospital in Pakistan, so he focused on social work for Pakistan. And eventually established a cancer hospital.

Initially, he started collecting funds for the hospital and by himself collected funds from all over the world with the exceeding amount of $25 million. By 1991, he establish the first and only cancer hospital in Pakistan, named after his mother, i.e. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust.

Imran Khan As a Politician

He wanted Pakistan to be the place where justice always wins. This was the basic idea of Imran Khan’s Pakistan. Soon After his retirement, he started his political career and entered Pakistani Politics. After entering politics, he established his ideological party in 1996, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

In the first election, he could not win a single seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan. However, later in the 2002 election, he won only one seat, then in 2013 he won 35 seats and was part of the opposition. But Imran Khan is a man of spirit. He didn’t give up and in 2018; he won the election and became the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

During his tenure as Prime Minister of Pakistan, he issued different housing schemes. Imran Khan housing scheme is known as Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority (NAPHDA), which was a very effective scheme for middle-class people who want to buy a house.

With the help of his schemes, middle-class people can get bank loans at low-interest rates. However, previously banks charged 14% interest on every loan which made the loan policy almost impossible for middle-class people.

Subsequently, Imran Khan loan scheme was not only limited to housing but also established loans for entrepreneurs to encourage them to build up new businesses. The loan scheme for entrepreneurs is known as Kamyab Jawan.

Struggles as a Prime Minister of Pakistan

As Pakistan is still struggling to make a prominent appearance on the world map, it is not easy to lead a country with several problems. Therefore, the moment Imran Khan took the oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he was surrounded by numerous challenges.

Since the country was facing an economic breakdown, it got worse just after his tenure started. It started when the United States refused to pay Pakistan the committed amount ($300 million) saying that Pakistan hasn’t done enough efforts to fight against terrorism.

Here, the real struggle started by the Khan. He started visits to friendly countries to seek aid for the country. It is because the numerous previous aiding packages failed to fulfill the needs of the country.

Imran Khan also failed to get the emergency loan from IMF but he is a fighter and didn’t lose hope. After several efforts, he succeeded in getting enough aid from Saudi Arabia, China, and UAE.

Apart from securing the expenses of the homeland, Imran Khan also made some significant developments in international relations. He brought down the Taliban for negotiations with the United States and improved relations with the neighboring country Afghanistan.

In addition, in February 2019, India launched airstrikes on Pakistan for the first time in five decades, which might have led to a serious conflict between the two countries. Later on, two Indian jets also entered Pakistan and one of them was shot down by the army forces and caught its pilot.

However, Imran Khan again managed to maintain the peace in the country by sending their pilot back with complete security. He gave a message worldwide that Pakistan is a peace-loving country and we won’t ever support the war.

Imran Khan Books

Despite being an athlete and a politician, Imran Khan also had a great interest in literature. He wrote many books related to his cricketing career as well as for Pakistan. Because of his multi-talented attitude, His net worth is $50 Million (Approx. Rs. 377 Crores).

Here is the list of some of the Imran Khan books:

  • Pakistan: A Personal History
  • Indus Journey — Personal View of Pakistan
  • All-round view
  • Imran: The autobiography of Imran Khan and many more

Imran Khan Quotes

Khan is an extremely motivated individual. Through his motivational speeches and quotes, youngsters are attracted to him. He created the sense in the youth of Pakistan to own their country. He gave them the sense that 90% of current political parties are only fighting for their interests.

The reason behind the popularity of Imran Khan amongst the new generation is that he made them understand the worth of their votes and their importance in developing a successful homeland. Today, the majority of the youngsters are promoting Imran Khan’s ideology to make Pakistan one of the most developed countries around the globe.

A Few Thoughts On Imran Khan’s Journey

Imran Khan biography is filled with his dignity and prosperity. Even if all the opposition leaders gather against him, he still walks out with equal confidence and pride. He, himself, and his followers aren’t afraid of anyone. If they lose the government, they are strong enough to come again with doubled force and strength.

Despite facing many challenges in his cricketing career as well as political career, Imran Khan is still fighting for the development of his country. He is ready to face hurdles that may come in the way of the development of Pakistan.

You can contact Imran Khan on Twitter at @ImranKhanPTI or you can also get Imran Khan contact number from there. He understands how much the people of Pakistan love him for the struggles and efforts he has made for the country as a politician and as a Prime Minister.