On June 5th, Apple will commence its yearly WWDC Developers Conference at Apple Park. In addition to the anticipated unveiling of the “Reality Pro” mixed reality headset, the company plans to showcase iOS 17 and other operating systems such as watchOS 10. In the most recent edition of his weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman states that the update will bring significant UI changes to Apple’s wristwatch.

In terms of hardware, no major alterations are expected this year, especially considering last year’s introduction of the Apple Watch Ultra. Gurman suggests that the next significant hardware update will occur in the following year, with the Apple Watch Series 10 models likely featuring larger displays. Previously, in February, rumors about the 2024 Apple Watch models had circulated.

The 2024 Apple Watch models are expected to adopt the same celebratory naming approach as the iPhone did in 2017 with the iPhone X. Likely to be officially dubbed the Apple Watch X, these 2024 models are rumored to be equipped with 1.89-inch and 2.04-inch screens. In contrast, the existing Series 8 models have a 1.7-inch display (41mm) and a 1.9-inch screen (45mm). Additionally, the second-gen Apple Watch Ultra, expected next year, will likely feature a larger 2.1-inch micro-LED screen, compared to the first-gen model’s 1.92-inch OLED display.

Gurman notes that watchOS 10 “should be a fairly extensive upgrade – with notable changes to the user interface – unlike iOS 17.” Although WWDC should provide a glimpse into the watchOS interface changes for this year, the official release of watchOS 10 will not happen until September, coinciding with the launch of the latest Apple Watch models as per tradition.

Initially, Apple faced challenges in marketing the Apple Watch, attempting to distribute it through fine jewelry stores and even featuring a fashion model wearing the device on the cover of Vogue China. However, the watch quickly gained recognition as a health monitoring tool, with some instances even saving lives. Today, the Apple Watch stands as the world’s most popular wrist-worn timepiece.