Fitness technology firm beatXP has unveiled its collaboration with renowned cricketer Shubman Gill. This alliance aims to promote the latest range of beatXP smartwatches and solidify the brand’s presence in the wearable technology market.

Gill shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, remarking, “I’m delighted to join forces with beatXP. As a sportsman, I appreciate the vital role fitness plays, and beatXP’s health-centric smartwatches are ideal devices for helping individuals accomplish their fitness objectives. I’m eager to collaborate with the brand and raise awareness about the significance of fitness among our nation’s youth.”

Ashish Dhuwan, business director at beatXP, spoke about Gill’s involvement, noting, “We’re thrilled about Shubman’s alliance with beatXP, as his dedication to fitness is exceptional. He’s acclaimed for his remarkable performance, and our products are perfectly aligned with his commitment. His participation with the brand will amplify our endeavors in bringing fitness-oriented products to the Indian market.”

Aziz Alam, another business director at beatXP, further commented, “Shubman’s collaboration will enable us to broaden our scope to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities across India. This partnership will reinforce our objective to position our smartwatch division as one of our primary sectors.”