Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistan fast bowler widely regarded as one of cricket history’s greatest, continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts worldwide even after his retirement from the sport due to his unique and lightning-fast bowling action. This has earned him a massive following, not only in Pakistan but also in other countries, with many aspiring to emulate his style.

Recently, the Rawalpindi Express shared a video on his Twitter handle of an elderly man who successfully imitated his bowling style. The man, wearing a topi (a religious cap), can be seen doing a run-up in a desert area before throwing the ball, which amazed Akhtar.

“It’s amazing to see him bowling at 100 mph at the age of 100. I’d love to meet him. Dhoond k layen koi,” said Akhtar.

It is worth noting that Shoaib Akhtar still holds the record for bowling the fastest ball in cricket, clocking 161.4 kilometers per hour during the ICC ODI World Cup 2003 match against England at Cape Town.