The announcement comes in the wake of incidents of violence that took place on May 9 and 10, which she strongly condemned.

In a press conference, Shireen Mazari condemned the violence and expressed her solidarity with the victims and their families. “I condemn the incidents of May 9 and 10 in the strongest possible terms,” she said.

Mazari revealed that she has proactively sought an investigation into the incidents by reaching out to the Islamabad High Court. “I have initiated an investigation through the Islamabad High Court to ensure a just and transparent probe,” she declared.

Throughout her address, Mazari underscored the significance of honoring state institutions and rebuked any hostile actions against them.

She specifically pointed out the assaults on notable entities such as the General Headquarters (GHQ) and Parliament, underscoring that these actions should be severely criticized.

Mazari made a significant announcement that she will no longer associate herself with PTI or any other political party starting from today.

Highlighting the importance of family, Mazari asserted her steadfast commitment to her children and her mother, emphasizing their prioritization during this challenging period.