A new home is like a fresh start to your life, a new beginning, and a chance to start everything from scratch. Decorate it the way you like, add new paintings, set the terrace a different way, change the sofa setting, and there is so much to experiment with.

Well, this is not easy because the people of Pakistan get attached to their old homes. But at times, they are bound to leave their places and shift to a new locality. Finding out why they do so is interesting and will help you realize when you need to move out. So let’s dig into the reasons why people shift to a new place in Pakistan.

Reasons Why People Shift to A New Home in Pakistan

  1. A Bigger Family
  2. Financial Limitations
  3. Lack of access to amenities
  4. Your old home is wearing out
  5. Living in a community matters
  6. The current house has become too big
  7. Lack of educational institutes in the area

1.    A Bigger Family

The more, the merrier is a very true saying. New additions to the family are always exciting, whether it’s a little baby, or someone’s new missus. But usually, that requires more rooms in your house to accommodate the new members of the family. This is one of the most common reasons why people shift into new homes because their families and relations start to expand. You suddenly need another guest room or a new nursery, but your existing house seems too small.

Even if you’re getting married and starting a new chapter of your life, you may consider moving out of your old home and finding a new place just for the two of you so you can start a family of your own.

2.    Financial Limitations

When inflation is at an all-time high, and an income-earner just becomes unemployed, finances become straining. In other scenarios as well, financial constraints may arise due to various circumstances and make it difficult to pay the monthly rent. And when a situation like this prevails, the smartest decision would be to consider moving into another home that is cheaper and not too burdening on the family income.

In some cases, gas and electricity issues have become so heightened that the cost of having access to a clean water supply and added generator fuel costs exceed the budget you have set in mind to keep your house running. Therefore, people move to areas that do not suffer from such problems in order to avoid paying over and above to have access to basic necessities. In Pakistan, occurrences like these are common, and many families prefer to either sell their existing property to buy another property that saves money or become tenants of a smaller place so that their expenses are met more adequately.  

3.    Lack of access to amenities

Convenience is key, and so is comfort. When living in a central area where supermarkets are close-by, commuting to schools, colleges, and work is easy, and no one would want to move elsewhere. However, when your house is located in a not very densely populated area and even a typical bread and eggs run requires you to start your car and go to a grocery store a few miles away, it seems like a big task.

Hence, some people might want to shift to another house with amenities close to their place. The residents of Karachi can opt for the many Scheme 33 new projects with educational, medical, and shopping facilities nearby to get easy access and a hassle-free life.

4.    Your old home is wearing out

Every house requires maintenance and care, for instance, renovations, roof cleaning, refreshing the paint every few years, etc. If it is not looked after, the house starts to wear down, and its foundation begins to weaken. This can happen when rainwater seeps in and cracks your walls, or your drainage gets clogged often.

When these problems start to arise more frequently, it is usually not a good sign, and you should start to look at other places because constant renovations and fixings tend to weigh heavy on expenses, and it gets much more expensive to keep up the appearance of the house rather than actually living in it. Therefore, this becomes a major reason for homeowners to start considering a different place to live in, which is already kept in good condition and appears to be less costly in terms of maintenance.

5.    Living in a community matters

Nowadays, in Pakistan, the popularity of housing schemes and gated facilities has significantly increased due to a protected environment, availability of basic amenities, and recreational spaces located close by. Due to these factors, people become more willing to pay a higher price as well. There has come a recent trend of moving away from overly populated residential areas into a more community-like area to feel more like you’re a part of society and have like-minded people living in your vicinity who provide a communal feeling.

6.    The current house has become too big

Sometimes when a family member moves out or shifts abroad, your home starts to feel emptier. You suddenly have more house space, a spare room, and even a guest house that’s no longer occupied. All that extra space does you no benefit. This is when you must decide to shift to a different home that can fit your needs better. If you don’t require a large bungalow with two kitchens and five bedrooms, move into a smaller house and save on the added electricity bills and extra parking space you don’t need anymore.

7.    Lack of educational institutes in the area

This particular reason is widely popular among families with kids who prefer to live nearby good schools so that their children remain close to them, and picking up and dropping them off is made easier as well. This way, the child remains close to their parents, safety concerns are no longer a worry, and the commute is no more a stressful activity in which you have to travel farther distances while trying to avoid traffic just to pick up your kids from school.

Parting thoughts

Each individual has a different reason for moving into a different home, for some, it’s a refreshing feeling, and for others, it’s difficult to let go of all the memories associated with their previous house in which they spent a large part of their life in. But as life evolves, so do your constantly changing needs. Hence, if you feel like your house isn’t meeting your requirements or is proving to be financially burdening, start your search for a better house now!