The PML-N has alleged that three vehicles were illicitly registered under Nawaz Sharif’s name without his approval or knowledge, potentially for criminal or terrorist activities. This claim has triggered an investigation by London police.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) sent a letter to the ex-Pakistani Prime Minister at Avenfield House, detailing a vehicle that was falsely registered under his name. This prompted an investigation by the DVLA after Sharif’s office reported the incident in March.

Last month, another vehicle was registered in Sharif’s name, according to Khurram Butt, a London-based spokesperson for PML-N who communicated with Dawn.

Furthermore, a traffic violation fine led to the discovery of a third vehicle registered under his name. Butt labeled this as “a malicious attempt by certain individuals to misuse the PML-N leader’s name and reputation for criminal intentions.”

London authorities are currently pursuing all leads to identify who fraudulently registered these vehicles. The DVLA has assured Sharif that his name has been removed from the vehicle registrations, but recommended that he report the fraudulent activity to the police.