With a staggering prevalence rate of 30.8 percent, Pakistan leads the world in the number of diabetes patients, according to the World of Statistics, a research group affiliated with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Georgia State University.

Diabetes, either type 1 or the more perilous type 2, presents a significant global health challenge.

The study, which encompassed 38 countries, placed Pakistan at the top, followed by Kuwait at 24.9 percent, and Egypt at 20.9 percent in terms of diabetes occurrence.

Medical experts universally endorse exercise as a preventive and management measure for various diseases, including diabetes.

Despite being the fifth most populous country, Pakistan sees a high number of premature deaths due to chronic diseases, including diabetes. Alarmingly, more than a quarter of adult diabetics are undiagnosed. Health professionals emphasize the urgency of boosting funds to combat this ailment.

In contrast, Nigeria records the smallest proportion of individuals with diabetes, standing at a mere 3.6 percent.