Given the precarious state of security, the governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have requested the assistance of the Pakistan Army throughout their respective provinces. The two provincial governments submitted their requests to the federal Interior Ministry, which subsequently granted approval.

Under Article 245 of the Constitution, the Punjab Home Department issued a requisition for the deployment of Pakistan Army personnel throughout the province.

The decision to engage the army in Punjab was made to enhance the law and order situation within the province.

Initially, the Punjab Home Department has announced that 10 army companies will be stationed in Punjab. Further increases in the number of companies will be determined based on the evolving security landscape. The sole objective of the army’s deployment is to maintain law and order, according to sources.

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KP Governor Haji Ghulam Ali has commented that numerous political leaders were apprehended during Imran Khan’s tenure as prime minister.

He emphasized that destruction of property is tantamount to self-inflicted harm and that attacking military installations is not an acceptable practice.

In the aftermath of former prime minister Imran Khan’s dramatic arrest in Islamabad on Tuesday, large-scale violent demonstrations erupted in multiple cities nationwide.

PTI workers, supporters, and leaders set fire to tires and caused damage to both public and private property, including military installations, in numerous cities.