In a statement released by the military, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir pledged on Wednesday that all those who tarnished the nation’s honor on the dark day of May 9th would assuredly face justice, providing reassurance to the military’s ranks and files.

Following the arrest of their party chairman, Imran Khan, on May 9, workers from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) staged protests during which they caused damage to the martyrs’ monument, Lahore Corps Commander House, and the General Headquarters.

“No one will be allowed to disrespect our shuhada [martyrs] and their monuments,” the army chief said during his visit to the martyrs’ monument, where he paid rich tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the pride, honour, and dignity of the nation.

The COAS said the monument serves as a source of inspiration and pride for the rank and file of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, government officials, and the people.

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The army chief underscored that recently planned and “orchestrated tragic incidents” would never be allowed again at any cost.

The COAS reassured the ranks and files that all those responsible for bringing shame to the nation on Black Day of May 9 would certainly be brought to justice.

“The martyrs have been promised the highest abode in the life hereafter and shall continue to maintain the highest levels of respect amongst the people of Pakistan.”

“The State of Pakistan and Armed Forces will always maintain all Shuhada and their families in very high esteem and continue to honour them and their supreme sacrifices with utmost respect and dignity.”

The army chief also appreciated under-command formations for their hard work, devotion, high morale and professionalism.

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During his interaction with officers and troops, COAS stressed maintaining focus on the army’s professionalism and preparedness to deal with complex internal and external security challenges, including propaganda warfare.

The government has said it has “evidence” that PTI workers were involved in the attacks on military installations, but the party has distanced itself from the vandals, claiming that it preaches peace, not violence.

Several PTI leaders have also jumped ship after the army and the government alike supported the decision of trying the vandals under the Pakistan Army Act.