Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) has experienced a challenging year with significant declines in production and sales. The company’s operations were profoundly disrupted for two months due to import restrictions causing supply chain complications.

A recent announcement indicates that Honda is gearing up to reinstate production shortly. The automaker attributes a “mild enhancement in trade financing facilities accessibility” as the catalyst for this production revival. The official notification reads as follows:

Production operations of Honda were slated to be suspended from March 9 to May 15. Although the recent announcement heralds a recommencement of production, it stops short of specifying an exact date.

In the previous month, Honda, recognized as one of Pakistan’s most significant automobile manufacturers in terms of production and sales volume, managed to sell a meager total of 207 cars. Alarmingly, the sales of the Honda Civic, the company’s flagship sedan, plummeted to zero.

This downturn represents Honda’s most severe performance since the COVID-19 induced lockdown period in 2020. The company is optimistic that the production restart will facilitate a recovery of its market share.