A tragic altercation between neighboring parties resulted in the deaths of five individuals, including four siblings, and left 14 others with injuries. This unfortunate event, which unfolded in Quetta, was sparked by a disagreement over a building project.

According to police, two factions within the Lehrri tribe were embroiled in a heated dispute concerning the erection of a structure in the vicinity of Gahi Khan Chowk, located in the Sariyab Road area. This intense conversation escalated to a violent clash, ultimately causing a regrettable loss of lives and numerous injuries.

One young man from the other group was also killed, and six others got bullets injuries.

The Kechi Beg SHO said the clash started between two neighbours over the construction of a little extension in front of a house. The bodies and the injured were taken to the Civil Hospi­tal and Bolan Medical Hospital.

According to Police Surgeon Dr Ayesha Faiz, those who died were hit by bullets in their upper torsos, caus­ing instant death. The injured were taken to the trauma centre.