LASIK is a refractive surgery that uses laser technology to correct imperfections in your cornea. The method works wonders to enhance vision issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia. If you have suffered from such refractive errors, you probably think about LASIK.

A skilled LASIK doctor like Visual Aids Centre will use a laser to create a thin flap in the cornea during the surgery. To reshapes the corneal surface microscopically, they will pull it back and vaporize tissue away. After the cornea may reshape, the doctor will update the flap to its original location, where it will heal naturally. Although LASIK is a short and relatively painless procedure that calls for a bit of downtime, patients want to ensure that healing is as rapid and smooth as possible.

Things to Do After LASIK

  • After the surgery, we advise resting in a dark room: You must get 3 hours of sleep post-surgery.
  • Frequently use your prescribed eye drops: You will acquire prescription eye drops to prevent irritation and possible contamination and artificial tears to heal your eyes and keep them moisturized. After using the eye drops, hold your eyes closed for five minutes. Let your eyes soak in the medication.
  • Administer eye drops before the use of eye ointments. It permits the medicine to attain your eye first and begin working faster.
  • Every so often, easy the rim of your eyelids with sterile tissue. Do so in an entirely delicate manner.
  • Blink more often. It will decrease your soreness as it is a fantastic way to hold your eyes moisturized and keep away from dry eyes.
  • Clean your face frequently without touching your eyes.
  • Make sure to clean your arms frequently, particularly earlier than touching something move near your eye area.
  • Wear sun shades when going outdoors at some point of the day post-op to save you scarring that may be caused by bright sunlight.
  • Every week after surgery, use defensive eye shields provided with the aid of using your doctor when sleeping. The guards will save you from touching your eyes when you sleep.

Can You Color Your Hair After Lasik?

You will undoubtedly be happy to hear that it is far flawlessly safe to dye your hair around your surgery date. However, this does not suggest immediately after your treatment. You have to rush home to touch up your roots.

Although you could dye your hair any time up till the day earlier than treatment, following Laser Eye Surgery, it is advised to attend at least one week before the loss of life of your hair. The exact time may depend on your prescription, treatment choice, and the form of health center you choose. However, one week is the general rule of thumb.

As correctly as dying your hair, there are some precautions that it is precise to be aware of before you dive in and book your consultation. It is additionally cautioned to keep away from some cosmetics like eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara on the day of treatment and once more up to at least one week after it. Other trendy makeup not applied in or across the eyes (e.g., lipstick) may be used safely one day after remedy. Again, you will need to refrain from using it on the day of the treatment (luckily, you could take an afternoon or off work to recover).

LASIK Surgery Recovery Time

Recovery time after Lasik surgery relies upon your prescription pre-surgical treatment and your body’s response to it. Everybody is different. However, your eyes must recover quickly. Many patients move on with their every day, recurring the next day. It depends on your composing routine. However, you must immediately be aware of a difference in your eyesight. Ensure you actively listen to your doctor’s recommendations for a short recovery.