Altaf Hussain is the founder of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the famous political party of Pakistan. He is a British Pakistani politician and holds the United Kingdom nationality. According to the sources, Altaf Hussain net worth is around 1.5 million dollars.

Since the mission clean-up began in Karachi in 2015, Altaf Hussain has lived in exile in Great Britain. He has been accused of murder, terrorism, violence, and target killing charges. Moreover, he is also banned from being on-air on Pakistani Media due to his hate speeches and spreading negativity among the people of Pakistan.

Initial Lifespan

Altaf Hussain birthday is September 17th, 1953. Currently, Altaf  Hussain age is 69. His mother’s name is Khursheed Begum, and Altaf Hussain father name is Nazir Hussain. His parents lived their lives in their ancestral house in UP, India.

Along with many other migrants during the partition, the parents of Altaf Hussain also migrated to Pakistan for a safe and better future. His elder brother Nasir Hussain was also an employee of the Pakistani government. After several relocations, Altaf Hussain’s family finally resided in a house in Azizabad, Karachi.

Educational Background

Hussain enrolled in Government Comprehensive School near their house in Azizabad for his early education. Later, he got admitted to Government Boys Secondary School to complete his matriculation studies.

Moreover, he attended the National College Karachi for intermediate studies for the first year of intermediate and later transferred to City College Karachi for the second year. He did his Bachelors in Science from Islamia College in 1974 and graduated in Pharmacy from Karachi University in 1979.

After completing his education, he started a job as an internee in a well-known hospital while working in a pharmaceutical company at the same time.

Personal Life

The Altaf Hussain family comprises 10 members. There are three Altaf Hussain sister, including Saira Aslam, and five brothers, including Nasir Hussain, also a part of MQM.

Altaf Hussain wife was Faiza Gabol. They got married in 2001; however, the marriage didn’t last long, and they parted ways in 2007. He has a daughter named Afza Altaf Hussain, born in 2002.

As a Military Man

By the reforms of General Yahya Khan in 1970, a scheme was introduced known as National Service Cadet Scheme, making it compulsory for the intermediate students to enroll in the army.

According to resources, Altaf Hussain was enrolled in an army training program, and after completing his training, he was assigned to the Baluchistan Regime for further training sessions.

Political Career

After several struggles faced by the Altaf Hussain MQM, he went to imprisonment for 9 months and 5 strokes; he was released on April 28th, 1980, after which he started his campaigns as a politician.

After various events, Altaf Hussain successfully delivered his first speech in Hyderabad on October 31st, 1986. The crowd appreciated him, and many Urdu-speaking people recognized him as their well-wisher and favorite politician.

However, Altaf Hussain again faced serious allegations and was arrested along with his fellows for launching public campaigns. On February 24th, 1987, after the charges were not proved against him, he was released from prison.

By the middle of 1987, the government started arresting MQM party members across the province of Sindh. Hussain also surrendered to law forces on August 30th, 1987. However, due to high pressure from the public, he was released during the elections on January 7th, 1988.

In 1987, Altaf Hussain as a chairperson of MQM defined the basic principles and ideology of the party. The main ideology for the party was to express the grief for the loss of Muhajirs and introduce Muhajir as the fifth recognized subnational along with Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathans, and Balochis.

In the general elections of 1988, it was proven that PPP and MQM were governing in Sindh as both won all the seats in the National Assembly. Within the four years of forming, MQM became the third largest political party in Pakistan.

Misleading Statements

According to the resources, in one of his interviews, Hussain stated that partition was one of the biggest mistakes in history. He added that Indian politicians forced Quaid-e-Azam to demand a separate homeland even though he was ready to accept a united India.

Moreover, he also stated that partition was not only the division of land; it was the division of culture, families, and blood. The politician also stated that the formation of Pakistan was dead in inception when many of the Muslims chose to stay in India after the partition.

Clean Up Against MQM

The Pakistani government started cleaning up MQM when it started disturbing the peace in the city. The military forces were sent to Karachi; however, Hussain managed to escape one month before the start of the operation. He flew to London and applied for political asylum.

By the mid of 1995, the killings and violence were at their peak as murders of both party members were going on. No one belonging to PPP and MQM was safe. Subsequently, this led to the killing of Altaf Hussain’s elder brother and younger brother of the Chief Minister of Sindh.

In 2015, the Lahore High Court banned Altaf Hussain’s media coverage. He was banned due to his hate speech and spreading violent acts and sentenced to 81 years of imprisonment. The anti-terrorism court of Pakistan issued an imbailable arrest warrant against Hussain for the murder of Dr.Imran Farooq, a senior member of MQM.

Though the Pakistan government asked for an interpol and issued a red warrant against Hussain and asked the UK government to return Hussain, they refused by saying they couldn’t intervene in the other country’s political issues.

In June 2019, Altaf Hussain was arrested by Scotland Yard for promoting violence and hatred against Pakistan. However, the cases were dropped after no crucial evidence was found against him.

Farooq Sattar, the senior member of MQM, distanced himself, owned the party chairman seat, and declared that they are residents of Pakistan and are not against the country. He also added that he doesn’t support Altaf Hussain’s statements of hate and violence.

Where is Altaf Hussain Now?

Even in the initial political days of Altaf Hussain, he made a lot of efforts to help the people of Karachi and Hyderabad, but later, he spoiled the peace in both cities. Altaf Hussain Twitter account is active and used by him. According to Altaf Hussain latest news, he is living in London but is ill.